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Large standard range of gears, actuators, motors etc.

BJ-Gear offers a complete range of gears, gear motors, actuators and transmission components like for instance motors, brakes, encoders, couplings, frequency converters, gear wheels, racks, connection shafts, electromagnetic pull/push magnets and vibrators, one way clutches and backstops etc.

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Adapted gears
and actuators
the outcome

We can quickly and efficiently adapt standard gears and actuators to innumerable variants by virtue of our technical expertise and our flexible production system.
The adapted products are delivered at competitive prices.

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Experts in
special gears

BJ-Gear has considerable expertise in developing specialized gears and actuators in a professional dialogue with your company. By a special gear or a special actuator, the company will often get an overall less expensive, technically better and more compact transmission solution.

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Dedicated gear drive solutions

BJ-Gear has great expertise and knowledge of specific requirements for transmission solutions within different industries.


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BJ-Gear A/S is now also a distributor of Hydro-Mec gears

Hydro-Mec Helical Bevel Gear Box Hydro-Mec Worm Gear Box Hydro-Mec Worm Gear Box Hydro-Mec Helical Gear Box

Hydro-Mec is an excellent supplement to the existing product portfolio of BJ-Gear, which means that we are now able to deliver all gear types – including even more stainless steel gear products. Read more about the gears here.
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